When I was a child growing up in Torrington, CT, my grandparents, Eligio and Maria Ciesco lived nearby.  Their home was a gathering place for family and friends.  My grandmother was a loving woman  with open arms  to anyone and everyone who entered  her  home.

Maria served traditional Italian food to her many guests  and family over the years. Only later did I begin  to appreciate the labor of love  put into the fruits and vegetables they grew in their yard and used in her dishes.  I remember sitting on the front porch with my grandmother, snapping green beans, listening to the stories  she  would bring to life.

Seemingly without effort, my grandmother would make pasta using the pasta board my sister and I would later cherish, long after she  was gone. I remember too, how her voice would sing as easily as she would breathe. She was certainly one of my greatest teachers of which I am grateful.

While living in NYC, my grandparents owned a coal and ice store.  When they moved to Torrington they owned and operated a  small mom and pop grocery store. The name of my company is a tribute to  Eilgio and Maria and  for all that is important in my life.  I look forward to being of service to you, enabling you to  simplify your life, so you can more fully enjoy  and participate in your important  moments and events.

“Food is our passion, community our strength”


Charlene Goodman Dutka, Owner

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